Family Auction 17-Year-Old ‘virgin Bride’ on Facebook, Sells Her To A Businessman For 500 Cows, Three Luxury Cars And £7,500

A 17-year-old girl has been dubbed ‘the most expensive woman in South Sudan’ after her family sold her to a businessman for 500 cows, three luxury cars and £7,500.Photo of the 17-year-old, who is from South Sudan’s Eastern Lakes state, was posted on Facebook on October 25. Five men were said to have participated in the bid for her dowry.

According to major girls’ rights charity Plan International, the highest bidder, a wealthy businessman, reportedly gave the girl’s father over 500 cows, three luxury cars and $10,000 as a dowry,

The young girl whose marriage took place on November 3, is being referred to online as a ‘virgin bride’ or ‘the most expensive woman in South Sudan’.

Taban Abel, the information minister in Eastern Lakes said in a statement that the girl had since gone into hiding in the capital, Juba.

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